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The White Republic Guide

Here are some tips related to the two most common questions asked on our social media channels and contact form!

How to use

The process is simple and straight forward. The detailed steps described below can be summarized in the video.

1. Brush your teeth and rinse mouth tray.
2. Twist the pen until gel flows to the brush.
3. Paint your teeth with the White Republic pen.
4. Plug the White Republic mouthpiece to your phone or any USB port.
5. Wear the White Republic mouthpiece and turn it on.
6. The Activated LED Light includes a 16-minute timer that will automatically turn off at the end of your application.
7. Rinse your mouth and mouth tray with water.
8. Use before bedtime for 10 consecutive days. For maintenance, use once a week.

The recommended daily usage and maintenance

We recommend daily usage of your White Republic Kit for 10 consecutive days.

For maintenance and to keep your whitening effect, it is recommended to apply once every two weeks after the first 10 consecutive days.

Each kit contains three whitening gel pens and one desensitizing pen. Each whitening pen should last between 7-8 sessions, giving you a total of 21-28 sessions.

If you have sensitive teeth, try using the desensitizing pen after your whitening session.

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