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Millennials: Do They Really Have Poor Oral Hygiene?

Millennials have been getting a lot of hate for being lazy, and one of them is poor dental hygiene habits. In fact, one study released that 3 out of 10 millennials only brush their teeth only once a day, with a small percentage brushing only once every 2 days.

But there are a few tiny catches with this survey. Firstly, it’s only been conducted to a couple thousand participants. Secondly, though their identities remain anonymous, not all of them would be able to admit their poor hygiene habits. The numbers could be higher.

Whether these results are genuine or not, we’ll list down the negative oral habits that millennials are guilty of doing. We’ll also be including the damaging effects they will cause if millennials don’t start treating their mouths well. Who knows, you may be guilty of some of these—and this is your wake-up call to change them!

Not Brushing Enough

This is the most common bad habit millennials always do. They tend to forget to brush their teeth more than once per day. Sometimes, they don’t brush their teeth until the next day. Are you one of them?

For the basic rule of thumb, you’re supposed to be brushing your teeth at least twice a day. After meals is best. Brushing helps remove the bacteria building up and small food particles that stay on your teeth.

Additionally, brushing with toothpaste that contains fluoride also strengthens and protects your teeth, helping you prevent teeth discoloration and cavities.

To help you remember to brush your teeth, make it a habit to do it immediately after eating. You can set up an alarm with a countdown timer of 3 minutes, which is the recommended time spent for brushing your teeth.

Not Flossing

Another bad habit to break is not flossing. In fact, this is not just an oral hygiene problem for millennials but also for adults. People don’t like to floss because it usually takes longer than brushing. Dentists recommend that you should be flossing your teeth at least once per day. Before bedtime works best.

Flossing is an essential step in your oral care routine as it removes food particles that are lodged in between your teeth. Your toothbrush can’t reach those tight spaces, so you need something thinner to physically remove those particles.

To break the habit, keep a roll of floss handy near your toothbrush so you should be able to remember to floss after brushing.

It might also help if you use a different kind of floss to always keep you motivated. Flavored floss comes in many different flavors that can get you excited for the next session. You can also use floss that has whitening properties, like charcoal floss.

Charcoal floss comes in a black-colored string that might take you back. Don’t worry, it won’t stain your teeth! In fact, it’ll do the opposite! Charcoal floss carefully scrubs off unwanted plaque and bacteria buildup, keeping your teeth healthy and whiter.

Using Mouthwash as an Alternative

Most millennials will argue that it’s okay to miss out on these things because they don’t have the time. To help combat bad breath, they use mouthwash as an alternative to brushing and flossing.

That is a big NO. Brushing alone can already offer you so many benefits that gargling with mouthwash cannot satisfy. Brushing scrubs the surfaces of your teeth and removes any bacteria buildup that could potentially lead to tartar or cavities.

Brushing also prevents tooth decay and tooth loss. Not brushing and flossing could weaken your tooth to the point that only tooth extraction is the only option. If you don’t want to wear dentures before you hit your 30s, you need to start taking care of your teeth.

Overusing Teeth Whitening Products

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using teeth whitening products. The correct kit will give you noticeable results after just a few days of usage. It will also save you a hefty amount of money as teeth whitening procedures in the dentist can cost you thousands.

But there are a few things that you need to take note of. First, these kits aren’t a quick fix to yellow teeth. Most people don’t follow the packaging instructions and use the product more than what’s indicated, which can cause you more harm than good.

To give you the best results, always follow the directions based on the packaging instructions. Whitening kits are really effective, so excessive use can make your teeth more sensitive.

Even with the correct usage, your teeth can become sensitive as well. Make sure that you purchase whitening kits that have desensitizing products included to protect your teeth from sensitivity.

So What Can I Do About It?

These are only just some of the habits that millennials need to break to get the best oral care routine. Keep up with your practices religiously, and you’ll slowly notice your teeth improving. You’re also less likely to take trips to the dentist, only visiting for routine checkups and cleanings.

If you’re having trouble with keeping up with your dental hygiene, here are a few tips to help you:

  • Keep a checklist of all the routine steps that you need to take.
  • Get an accountability partner. It’s more helpful to have a partner that will remind you to brush your teeth and floss. Plus, you’ll be helping a partner achieve their oral health goals. It’s a win-win!
  • Ask your dentist for other oral health care routine tips. There’s no one else who knows dental care other than your dentist.
  • Use products that have other benefits. To help you keep up with your oral hygiene habits, you can try using products that give you something more out of it, such as whitening.

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